Introducing AI Presenters in Online Casino Gaming!

Introducing AI Presenters in Online Casino Gaming!

incorporating-ai-into-live-casinoAnother important interview resonated in the industry after iGaming veteran, Jean-Pierre Houareau, CEO at Live Solutions, spoke with iGB and explained how AI affects the online gambling industry and what changes this modern technology could bring.

With the modernization of the world came the modernization of this form of entertainment.

Introducing AI into this form of entertainment will take the player iGaming experience to a completely new level, allowing for another era of change to begin.

Modernization of Online Gambling!

With the modern world bringing great changes, introducing AI into their products allows companies to deliver freshness and engagement.

Live Solutions,a reputable B2B brand in the industy, has added AI presenters to its casino games.

“Our AI presenters are a new initiative to work alongside our live hosts. They will manage the game action and keep players informed just like a live host would.” he said.

This iGaming veteran also highlighted the importance of this novelty, which increases the closeness between operators and players thanks to the fact that the messages are personalized.

“AI presenters offer huge benefits as they give operators the ability to communicate with their players,” he explains. “AI presenters can target a particular player and give them a specific message. For example, a player can be reminded during a game that they need to provide KYC documentation to the operator.”

What to Expect?

Utilizing AI presenters enables operators to focus better on their players’ requirements, given that AI can leverage automation. Houareau explains that AI presenters provide continuous support to players, operating 24/7. This becomes especially beneficial for players in varying time zones and with diverse language preferences.

For individuals who aren’t enticed by the personalized aspects, the anonymity of the AI presenter might be appealing.

“Interacting with an AI presenter can provide a level of privacy and anonymity that some players may prefer,” he continues. “AI presenters can make decisions based solely on objective rules and algorithms, which can enhance transparency and fairness.”

However, one of the key questions is, can AI outperform humans? Houareau thinks that AI can bring many benefits!

“AI presenters don’t require training,” he says. “Once developed and deployed, they can handle numerous interactions simultaneously.”

He also stated that this innovative technology can “handle a high volume of transactions without the limitations of human resources.”

More Players Than Ever

According to this expert, AI will give casinos the chance to welcome more players than ever before!

But can these rights be threatened? This veteran believes that there will be no problems as long as the companies have an agreement with the ambassadors on the use of their images.

“Using an AI presenter that closely resembles or imitates a celebrity without their permission could potentially infringe upon these rights, so we would always insist that the proper release clauses are in place before developing a bespoke AI presenter.”


Although AI has experienced great success so far, like everything else, this technology continues to develop and we can certainly see even more improvement in the future!

“Some of the future enhancements that we are looking into include enhancing the realism of the AI presenter to provide a more immersive gambling experience, which could involve improving facial expressions, body language and voice modulation to create a more human-like interaction,” Houareau reveals.

In addition to enhancing its designs, Live Solutions is also exploring the integration of responsible gambling elements into AI presenter technology. This aims to aid in the detection of indications related to problematic gambling or overly risky behavior.

Possible inclusions encompass setting time and expenditure boundaries, personalized suggestions for intervals, and even furnishing assistance resources – all conveyed through AI presenters in a human-like manner.

No matter how AI presenters may evolve, Houareau envisions that the boundless potential and expansiveness of AI will present increasingly greater opportunities as technology advances.

“The possibilities are endless and we are excited to be part of the AI evolution.”

In the end, AI will certainly bring changes in all segments of the industry, and even more interesting games, thrilling adventures, and an increase in player experience are expected.


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Author: Andrew Smith