How a Proposed £2 Slot Machine Limit Caused Havoc in the United Kingdom

How a Proposed £2 Slot Machine Limit Caused Havoc in the United Kingdom

Casinos have faced a prolonged battle to keep “younger” customers coming back for their services, and it can become an even bigger problem if some of the new laws that are being proposed come into play. 

According to many industry experts, new regulations in the U.K. gambling laws can require platforms hosting slot games to limit their maximum bet spin to only £2 for players under 25.

The Regulations Being Proposed

A white paper was published in April 2023, highlighting the changes the British government plans to make in the gambling regulations for online casinos. This white paper had been in the making for quite some time, and after several delays and postponements, it was finally published on the 27th of April, 2023. 

Ministers’ primary agenda in introducing these new regulations was to make gambling a safer space for the masses, as there had been several high-profile cases where people suffered enormous losses because of their gambling habits. Two main approaches are being taken to achieve this.

Limits for Under-25s

The most significant talking point from this incident was the stake limit for online slots. People under 25 can only put forward £2, and for people over 25, the limit is £15. This has been a topic for heated debate for quite some time as many casino owners are in favour of this idea and already implement it in some capacity. 

Still, some people do not support this motion as they believe people should not be restricted to such a degree.

Integration of AI and Data for a Better Experience

Another topic the government has stressed is how casino owners should do their best to incorporate AI and more modern technologies in their setup. Casino owners all across the U.K. have been very welcoming towards this suggestion. 

This helps to implement a more dynamic approach, rather than just setting the stakes high for some customers and too low for others. To avoid unmitigated consequences, this proposal can go a long way in changing the fabric of the gambling industry in the U.K.

Some other proposals

More proposals included in the white paper are a mandatory background check on industry revenues, strong measures to slow down online gambling, and affordability checks, and the government also plans to run some campaigns to promote safer gambling.

The Positive Feedback

Many casino owners have looked at these proposals in a very holistic way. The fact that these tightened regulations can help reduce unhealthy gambling behaviour is a big step, making gambling much more inclusive for people. It also helps that the regulations minimise online gambling and encourage people to visit casinos more often. 

The dynamic, data-driven approach can benefit both casinos and players alike.

“We welcome the measures outlined in the White Paper and support its ambition to update legislation to develop a dynamic regulatory system for gambling fit for the digital age,” said Neil Banbury of the popular Kindred Group in an interview with Sky News.

“To be a long-term sustainable business, it is not in our interest to have any of our customers experiencing problems which is why at Kindred, we have our Journey Towards Zero ambition to eventually generate 0% of our revenue from people who exhibit problem behaviours”

The Backlash 

These regulations have also created a fair amount of controversy. The general public is not completely convinced about an affordability check. People are worried that they will have to compromise their privacy because of these affordability checks, citing the restriction on their spending as a major issue. 

Casino owners are worried that players will not provide appropriate proof of their spending power in a ploy to con the system and gamble way over their ceiling. The customers who wish to do that will then start looking for other ways of gambling, leading them to an even more unsafe and uncontrollable market.


Despite the abovementioned concerns, this set of revised gambling regulations is a huge step in a positive direction. An affordability check will massively help casinos keep a clean customer base and keep people away from gambling issues as possible. 

Gambling companies will also benefit from integrating AI and data-led approaches to keep up with the changing times. These regulations will help young people avoid gambling addictions and save countless communities from experiencing harm. 

Author: Andrew Smith