BetConstruct Offers New Innovative Solutions to Partners

BetConstruct Offers New Innovative Solutions to Partners

betconstruct-introduces-multiwallet-and-custom-token-features-The company moves towards fulfilling its mission to provide customers with the best possible solutions and making revolutionary changes that will completely change the whole iGaming industry landscape by launching thrilling new products.

The most recent in the series of the company’s unique products are multiwallet and custom token features, which will be among the great assets when it comes to strengthening the relationship between the crypto and iGaming worlds.

Both the company’s partners and loyal customers will be satisfied with the multiwallet solution. Players will be able to easily access multiple wallets, both crypto and fiat, and deposit money, along with effortless withdrawals, all while available to avoid conversions during gameplay. The integration with other crypto wallets, such as Metamask, is also seamless and available to everyone, which eases the whole playing experience, making it even better.

But that’s not everything BetConstruct prepared: the partners are now able to create new tokens completely customized to their needs. This is similar to the FTN, and it seems the success will be the same. The new tokens were created on Bahamut, with the smart contract software that possesses a range of customizable variables which can help each company’s partner to fulfill its business needs.

Many benefits to partners and customers

The company has worked hard on various technical support systems that will help maintain the token listings on all exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. Apart from that, the offering includes technical backing of liquidity management, as well as market-making, promotion, and marketing of these customized solutions.

Another important problem was also solved, with the company offering a resolution for various legal issues that the partners may face during the process. The company aids in forming the necessary token-issuing entities, as well as in drafting and reviewing whitepapers created by partners. Furthermore, legal opinions are provided as well, along with setting up partners’ bank accounts, preparing agreement contracts, and helping to acquire licenses for crypto exchange in many regulated markets all over the world.

With these advanced solutions, BetConstruct will be able to change the whole crypto iGaming world. The new multiwallet with user-friendly solutions and custom token features will greatly improve the scene and open the door to future solutions that will ease the process even further by making various connections and exploring the possibilities that the market offers.

Source: “BetConstruct introduces multiwallet and custom token features”. iGaming Business. August 14, 2023.

Author: Andrew Smith